What is the difference between Scalp Micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation?

Looking Into what options are available to help hairless? You might have come acrossScalp Micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation. As the only clinic in the Tri-State area to offer both SMP and Tricopigmentation, we’re the right experts to come to with questions about either. Although they fall into the same family of hair loss treatments, they have distinct differences that make one or the other the better option depending on the clients desires.

Tricopigmentation lasts anywhere from 1-2.5 years whereas Scalp Micropigmentation lasts anywhere from 4-6 years. The underlying difference is the type of pigment used in the procedures. New York SMP utilizes a type of pigment that doesn't fade much over time and it considered a permanent solution to hair loss.Tricopigmentation uses a different form of ink that slowly begins to fade away after several months, which requires follow-up procedures to maintain the look of the scalp.

When Researching for hair treatments, a revolutionary treatment like SMP may seem too good to be true and patients often want to try out the look and procedure before committing to a more permanent option. In situations like these,Tricopigmentation is the preferred choice as it is a non-permanent solution and allows the patient to try out a hair loss procedure and decide whether or not they like the look. However, due to the relatively short life span of the treatment, patients who want to keep the look will need to schedule treatment throughout the year. Both Tricopigmentation and Scalp Micropigmentation require the same amount of sessions depending on the patients current state of hairloss. Scalp Micropigmentation, however, would not require multiple retouches throughout the year to maintain its look as its a more permanent pigment used.

Still not sure about which procedure or you’re on the fence and have a few more questions? Come in for a free consultation and we’ll go over the best options for your unique hair loss needs.

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