Scalp Micropigmentation Cost in New York

So you decide to get scalp micropigmentation (SMP), but not sure how much it is going to cost? That's a common concern for many men and women. In fact, the most common question that people have about this procedure is about the costs and what to expect from the whole process. You came to the right place! Scroll down to learn more about the costs of SMP, its benefits, and more.

What’s SMP?

SMP in New York: is a hair loss camouflage solution. The noninvasive treatment relies on the use of microneedles to place tiny dots of pigment on the areas of the scalp that are affected by hair loss and male or female pattern baldness. The goal is to make sure those tiny dots closely resemble surrounding hair follicles. The result is the illusion of hair on your scalp, but the procedure itself is unnoticeable i.e., your scalp looks natural. Nobody knows you got SMP done on your scalp.

How much does it cost?

Let’s say you’ve already learned a lot about scalp micropigmentation and decided it’s the best choice for your needs. It’s perfectly natural to wonder about the price. This is particularly important if we bear in mind that many procedures for hair loss are overpriced, but not quite effective.
When it comes to the costs of the SMP, you probably expect to see one specific figure. That's not possible, though. The cost of scalp micropigmentation is not that easy to discuss because there is no “one size fits all” rule here.

How come?

Well, it all comes down to the severity of hair loss and other factors, including expected results, and how much hair you have now. Two people don't need the same number of dots on the scalp, or they may not have the same amount of hair. Therefore, the costs of SMP may vary. The good news here is that they’re still affordable.
For example, a person with a full head of hair with a few balding areas that need scalp micropigmentation may have costs within $400-$800 range. This is because the affected areas are small, and the goal is to create the illusion of thicker hair with more depth.
On the flip side, a completely bald client who needs full scalp treatment may need to pay $3000 to $4000.

How can I know how much to pay, before the procedure?

Finding out the exact costs of scalp micropigmentation in your case is incredibly easy. All you have to do is to schedule an appointment at the INKredible Scalp clinic. The consultation is free, and it's the ideal opportunity for the SMP practitioner to assess the affected area of your scalp. After a thorough examination, you’ll be able to learn more about costs. Besides the price, a consultation can also yield information about everything you can expect from the procedure. Reading about the procedure online is easy and simple, but it’s much better to ask the professional everything you want to know about it, in addition to discussing costs.

What are the benefits of scalp micropigmentation?

Are you interested in scalp micropigmentation, but still not quite sure whether it’s the right choice for you? Totally understandable! Once you're familiar with all the advantages of this treatment, it becomes easier to decide whether you will go for it or not. Below you can learn more about all benefits one can expect with SMP:

· Affordable – as seen above, costs of SMP are generally not high and are significantly lower than the prices of other treatments and potential hair solutions. Since it’s affordable treatment, even if you're on a low budget, it's still possible to get it done. Probably the best thing about SMP is that you can solve hair loss problems without spending a fortune.
· Easy to combine – scalp micropigmentation can easily be used together with a signature haircut and other combinations to make your hair appear fuller. You don't have to be entirely bald to get SMP; you can go for it even if you have long hair.
· Realistic results – the most major flaw of other hair treatments is that they leave scars, and results seem fake. The last thing you want is to spend money on a treatment that doesn't even look real and natural. This is where SMP sets itself apart; this procedure yields natural results. Your hair looks fuller, but if you're bald, you'll have the appearance of a buzz cut. It's that easy.
· Immediate results – while some forms of hair restoration take a few months before you achieve desired look and see noticeable results, SMP is entirely different. With this procedure, you get a fuller and durable look immediately.
· Long-lasting results – not only are the results of scalp micropigmentation immediate, but they also happen to be long-lasting. You'll have noticeably fuller hair for a long time, which is yet another thing that other hair restoration techniques can't match.
· Quick healing – healing process after SMP is quick, and you can resume normal activities almost instantly. You don't have to take sick leave or waste too much time waiting for the scalp to heal.
· Versatility – scalp micropigmentation can be of benefit for people with different needs. SMP can cover the effects of male or female pattern baldness, alopecia, receding hairlines, decreased hair density, and scarring from hair transplant procedures

Answering the question about the costs of scalp micropigmentation is not easy. The price depends on the affected area and how much hair you have on the scalp now. However, the best thing about scalp micropigmentation is that costs are still affordable and fit the budget of a larger group of people. Without spending a fortune on hair loss solutions, you can naturally create the illusion of depth. Cost isn't everything, though. It should be combined with quality. The best place to get both affordability and quality, is at INKredible Scalp, the only clinic of this kind and level of service in New York City.

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