Scalp Micropigmentation with Long Hair In New York

As much as we would love to have voluminous, playful hair with noticeable fullness, sometimes it's easier said than done. Hair loss and thinning are common problems that have a major impact on a person's confidence and self-esteem. Although frustrating, these problems are manageable with the proper approach. A common belief is that you need to be completely bald to undergo one such treatment and show perfect results. Not necessarily! Scalp micropigmentation is one of those treatments that you can do even with long hair. And the best thing is – you can do it in New York; the service is called: Scalp Micropigmentation NYC.

What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-invasive procedure that focuses on the use of micro-needles to deposit pigment to the scalp. The main objective of this procedure is to create the appearance of tiny hair follicles that make the hair appear thicker and fuller.

Depending on the person’s desired results and other circumstances, scalp micropigmentation aims to achieve two goals. One goal is to make hair look thicker if you suffer from male or female pattern baldness while the second goal is to give the buzz cut look to people who are already completely bald.

Basically, SMP treatments are a camouflage hair loss solution for men and women alike. After all, hair loss is a common problem that affects both genders, although it is more pronounced in men. Current hair loss solutions tend to be expensive, relatively invasive, and results vary. A vast majority of people don't get the desired results – improved appearance and confidence boost. SMP takes the complexity out of this problem and allows men and women to get access to a fast and truly effective solution.

How does it work?

Scalp micropigmentation is performed with an electric tattoo device because mower power is necessary to penetrate the skin on the scalp. Keep in mind that skin on your scalp is thicker than the skin on the eyebrows or under the eyes. The practitioner uses the pigment to create tiny, layered dots in different hues of black in order to replicate the look of a shadow on a person’s scalp. This particular style is called pointillism, and the main objective here is to create the natural-looking depth and definition of your hair.

When done by a highly-skilled practitioner, these tiny dots blend in seamlessly with your complexion. In other words, results of scalp micropigmentation look entirely natural, and no one would ever know you've had the procedure unless you tell them yourself.

Scalp micropigmentation and longer hair

A common misconception is that scalp micropigmentation is for men and women with short hair. Being bald is considered the ideal scenario for SMP. But it doesn’t have to be that way, actually.

The truth is that SMP wasn't originally intended to work with long hair. However, times have changed, and technology has improved immensely. Today the procedure has evolved so much that you can, indeed, get SMP even if you have long hair.

Scalp micropigmentation with longer hair is generally applicable in situations with diffuse hair loss or hair thinning, which tends to happen in male pattern baldness. The best results occur in men and women with intact hairlines. Basically, the recipient needs to have decent coverage of hair in the crown area as well.

In men and women with longer hair, SMP can be applied to cover the whole upper scalp. This restores hair density. Your hair appears fuller and more voluminous.
So people with long hair and receded hairline or decreased density can’t get SMP? The good news is that they can still get SMP as long as the treated area doesn’t breach the boundaries of the client’s frontal hairline.

Where to get SMP with long hair in New York?

As seen above, getting SMP with long hair is possible, and results are marvelous as your hair gets more depth.

But the question is – where to get such treatment?

The answer is simple – INKredible Scalp.

Now you’re probably wondering why get SMP at INKredible Scalp? For starters, this is the only clinic that offer SMP and Tricopigmentation service in New York and the tri-state area, the latter being a semi-permanent solution. The practitioners are knowledgeable, professional, and help you get desired results that will make you truly happy.

The consultation at INKredible Scalp is free. Therefore, if you’d like to know what the practitioners at this clinic could do for your hair loss and thinning, feel free to schedule the consult on the official website.

What makes this clinic stand out is the outstanding level of expertise combined with a positive attitude and kindness that every practitioner has.
The best thing about getting your SMP at INKredible Scalp is that you can express your needs and goals, share your concerns, and get much-needed insight into what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

Why is SMP better than other approaches?

It's not uncommon for people to wonder what makes SMP different than other approaches to addressing hair loss. Unlike other treatments, SMP is non-invasive and results last longer. With proper care, your results could last a few years. Basically, SMP is a durable, effective, and safe treatment that helps you see results immediately and don’t have to struggle with hair loss and poor confidence any longer.

As scalp micropigmentation keeps getting more and more popular, it's important to address some misconceptions. Although most procedures are performed on short hair or bald scalp, both of which are ideal for this purpose, it's entirely possible to get it done on longer hair. INKredible Scalp, the only clinic of this kind in New York, is the perfect place to get SMP with longer hair and love the results you’ll see in the mirror. And the result is fuller, more voluminous hair that doesn’t even look touched up. Schedule your free consultation to learn whether you’re a good candidate for SMP and how it can help you.

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