Scalp Micropigmentation Training Charleston, South Carolina

No one likes losing their hair. With that said, it’s a natural part of life for many people.No one likes losing their hair. With that said, it’s a natural part of life for many people. Many men and women deal with male and female pattern baldness, bald spots, thinning hair, and more. This is distressing. Often, people look for a solution once the balding process starts. They then find some solutions are better than others.

For a semi-permanent, high-quality hair replacement option, there is scalp micropigmentation (like that provided by INKredible). This is a great option for people that are losing their hair and are looking for a realistic and semi-permanent replacement that will last years. Scalp micropigmentation requires no upkeep, and it can be used to restore receding hairlines, baldness, bald spots, and thinning hair.

The field of scalp micropigmentation is steadily growing, which has led to a need for more specialists in the field. If you are looking into a new career, you’ll want to consider scalp micropigmentation training Charleston South Carolina. The career is exciting, fun, and rewarding.

The field of scalp micropigmentation is not only rewarding emotionally but also financially. Many specialists in the field make an outstanding income. On top of the financial benefits, becoming a scalp micropigmentation specialist allows you to help others in need. You can provide relief for those suffering from hair loss.

The training process of becoming a scalp micropigmentation specialist is simple and quick. Before you know it, you’ll be providing patients with hair replacement services.

Below is more information about scalp micropigmentation training in Charleston South Carolina and the scalp micropigmentation process.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is an excellent solution for men and women that are suffering from thinning hair, baldness, bald spots, receding hairlines, and alopecia. This outstanding solution is natural-looking and semi-permanent. It lasts for years. Scalp micropigmentation is also able to cover scars.

The scalp micropigmentation process involves the use of small hair simulations that provide the appearance of natural hair. Scalp micropigmentation is similar to a tattoo, but it’s not the same. It involves the use of specialized tools and skills to create a natural appearance.

Scalp micropigmentation is a semi-permanent solution, so it will fade over time. Patients will eventually need touchups.

Scalp Micropigmentation Benefits

There are a lot of outstanding benefits to scalp micropigmentation. These include: 

·       A long-lasting solution. Scalp micropigmentation is a semi-permanent solution. As this is the case, it lasts a long time. Those that receive the procedure will find it lasts years. This is one of the things that sets it apart from other solutions.

·       A natural appearance. Scalp micropigmentation is a good option for replacing a bald spot, a full head of hair, and everything in between. It creates a natural and realistic appearance.

·       A boost in confidence. Those that suffer from hair loss know that it can lead to a lack of self-confidence. Scalp micropigmentation can help to improve the self-confidence of those suffering from hair loss.

·       More volume. For patients that have thinning hair, scalp micropigmentation may be the perfect solution. It can provide the appearance of more volume.

These are just some of the outstanding benefits of scalp micropigmentation.

The Scalp Micropigmentation Process

Scalp micropigmentation starts with setting an appointment with a specialist. During the appointment, the scalp micropigmentation specialist provides a consultation and an examination of the scalp. They will check the hairline and look for bald spots. After the exam is completed, the scalp micropigmentation specialist in Charleston creates a mockup so the patient can see what their hair replacement will look like. After the patient approves, the process of scalp micropigmentation can begin.

The scalp micropigmentation procedure involves the use of microneedles to place small pigmentation dots on the scalp of the patient. This creates the appearance of real hair. The scalp micropigmentation specialist uses a numbing agent on the scalp to avoid discomfort.

The scalp micropigmentation process will often take about 4 to 5 hours per session and can consist of 2 to 4 sessions. These sessions are spread out around 10-20 days apart from each other. It’s recommended that the patient takes the day off for the procedure.

The cost of scalp micropigmentation varies depending on a few factors. As every patient has their own needs, costs will vary from patient to patient. A patient should expect to pay about $400-$800 for a smaller procedure. A full scalp micropigmentation may cost around $3,000-$4,000. There are some factors that go into the cost, such as the individual provider, the amount of work required, the location of the office, and more.


Aftercare for a scalp micropigmentation procedure isn’t very comprehensive. With that said, there are a few things a patient will want to consider.

Patients should avoid activities that cause excessive sweating. This sweating can cause irritation. Patients should also avoid shampooing or shaving their heads for about 4-5 days after the procedure. As the procedure causes redness, many patients opt to wear a hat until the redness from the procedure clears up.

How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

Patients find that scalp micropigmentation often lasts around 5-6 years. With that said, the amount of time varies from patient to patient. The patient will find the micropigmentation begins to fade. At that point, they’ll need a touchup.

Touchups are actually very helpful. As the patient ages, changes to their hairline and hair pigmentation occur. Their hair may become grey or white. Their hairline may also recede. A touchup allows the scalp micropigmentation specialist to update the patient’s hair. This may include adjusting the hairline and/or adding grey and white to the pigmentation to create a natural look.

Becoming a Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist in Charleston

If you are looking for an exciting new career in Charleston, you’ll want to consider becoming a scalp micropigmentation specialist. The industry of scalp micropigmentation is growing and—with this growth—comes the need for more scalp micropigmentation specialists. The field can also be very lucrative. Top providers can earn six figures a year!

Once you’ve made the decision to become a scalp micropigmentation specialist in Charleston, you’ll want to find a qualified school. After you do, you can enroll and start your training. The cost of scalp micropigmentation training is often $4,000-$6,000. While this might sound high initially, you’ll find you make the money back quickly. After graduation, you can find an internship to network and gain experience. From there you’ll learn more and grow your income.

For an exciting and lucrative new career, you should consider becoming a scalp micropigmentation specialist.

Get Started Today!

You can get started with the process of becoming a scalp micropigmentation specialist as early as today. Start looking for the right school to teach you the trade. There are a lot of schools to choose from. Once you find the right school for you, you can enroll and start the training process.

If you have questions about scalp micropigmentation in Charleston South Carolina, contact INKredible. We can chat with you and answer some of the questions you have.

You are going to love your awesome new career as a scalp micropigmentation specialist!