How Long Does Micropigmentation Last?

How Long Does Micropigmentation Last?

Alopecia, hair loss due to medical reasons or genetic predispositions, is a stressful and uncomfortable condition for those suffering from this ailment. More often than not, hair is not the only thing you are losing in the process - alopecia can be a source of declined self-confidence and sense of attractiveness, the byproducts of the upsetting human malady. Contrary to appearances, alopecia affects representatives of both sexes, although men more often seek immediate, permanent, and effective help.

A sudden loss of hair creates uncertainty, and it permanently affects the self-esteem of people struggling with the problem for years. When all the alternative methods, medical-grade or home remedies fail, you might want to consider an extremely beneficial, aesthetic, and completely safe way to mask the hair loss - Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP New York). 

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a minimally invasive procedure that involves introducing a special pigment into your scalp that will imitate hair follicles or a short, naturally-looking, and aesthetically pleasing stubble. The Scalp Micropigmentation is a virtually non-invasive, safe, and comfortable solution, especially recommended for men of all ages who are struggling with the problem of partial or complete hair loss, noticeable thinning, and alopecia areata. 

The upside to Scalp Micropigmentation is that it works wonders with any type of hair and the pigmentation beautifully blends with graying strands. An experienced SMP practitioner can modify the color of the pigment prior to its application by diluting the dye and mixing it with distilled water. Before committing to Scalp Micropigmentation, we recommend locating a reputable facility that utilizes high-quality products.

SMP is a simple and minimally invasive treatment that increases everyday comfort and provides a boost of self-confidence you have been longing for. Unlike a hair transplant, the amount of hair on your head or its structure is insignificant. Scalp Micropigmentation is also much more affordable than traditional hair transplant and poses no risks of failure while providing similar results.

How much does Scalp Micropigmentation cost?

The treatment pricing may differ depending on the degree of hair loss, which is unique for each individual. During your initial consultation, the SMP practitioner performing the Scalp Micropigmentation procedure will assess your specific case and provide a personalized quote and a dedicated action plan based on your hair loss needs. Generally, prices for Scalp Micropigmentation range anywhere from $400 to even a few thousand dollars. 

How long do the effects of Scalp Micropigmentation last?

Everyone struggling with baldness or any type of hair loss would prefer to solve the problem once and for all. Unfortunately, there is currently no identified way to deal with the issue permanently. Regardless of whether we decide on surgical intervention or other alternative methods to hair restoration, periodic follow-ups with specialists will undoubtedly turn out to be a necessity. The same scenario can be applied to SMP. If properly cared for, the deposited pigments will remain in your scalp for many years. However, sooner or later, your new "hairstyle" will brighten and require some cosmetic corrections. 

So, let's get straight to the point and tackle the question - how long do the effects of Scalp Micropigmentation last?

Scalp Micropigmentation - an investment for years

To reassure all pessimists - most of the procedures performed in a professional SMP clinic last for a very long time. How long exactly? There is no easy answer. In theory, some high-quality pigments should last up to two decades. In practice, however, you might experience minor to moderate fading in the 4-6 years after the treatment, which may indicate that it is time for your maintenance session. The touch-ups should not involve high costs comparing to the initial procedure. 

There are no rules to SMP longevity

We are all different. Each of us reacts in various ways to the pigment placed on the scalp. The degree of tolerance to Scalp Micropigmentation is determined by many factors, ranging from our immune system, the degree of baldness to the ways of caring for your head after the treatment. Some areas of the scalp are particularly prone to fading - most notably the top and back of the head.

How to prevent pigment fading?

The best way to prevent excessive fading of the pigment is to simply observe your head. When you notice more apparent spots, get in touch with your SMP specialist and let them assess whether your case requires a maintenance session. Remember - what you think is pigment fading may not be so obvious to the casual observer. Even naturally shaved hair roots have shade differences. It is not worth worrying in advance and spending most of your days in front of the mirror looking for those imperfections. Scalp Micropigmentation is designed to guarantee mental comfort by allowing you to keep a low profile (no one needs to know) and complete satisfaction with your new look. 

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