Does Scalp Micropigmentation look real?

Does Scalp Micropigmentation look real?

Stress, lowered self-esteem, and even depression - these are all too real psychological consequences of hair loss. Many of us try to mask our negative emotions about the balding state of affairs without realizing that the nightmare can be solved quickly and efficiently. If you are seeking alternative methods to combating the issues related to hair loss, look no further. Scalp Micropigmentation is a method of masking the ailment and visually rejuvenate you and your hair by up to ten years!

Regardless of the cause, we can mask any hair loss!

Scalp Micropigmentation consists of covering the scalp with thousands of dots that resemble natural hair follicles. These dots, imitating a short haircut - are made of several shades of natural pigment deposited on the skin. At first, the procedure might resemble a similar pattern to that of a tattoo or permanent makeup, when, in fact, it is significantly different. 

When getting a tattoo, the artist penetrates deep layers of your skin through a scraping method. SMP utilizes a dotting technique and focuses on the second layer of the skin. This means that the effects of the treatment can be quickly and painlessly corrected with a laser, leaving no scars or traces of intervention on the skin. 

After the treatment, our clients are often unable to recognize where their natural hair ends and begins. These are probably the best words of recommendation. 

What's more - SMP effectively masks any scars resulting from hair transplantation, birthmarks, burns, or other imperfections. In just a few weeks from now, you can feel incredible and attractive again. 

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Look Real?

SMP experts aim to create the illusion of a head full of hair. The phenomenon of the treatment is that its effects seem entirely natural - for outsiders and you. That's a definite difference to hair transplants, in which you can see surgical scars or hair systems - too "shaggy" and grossly artificial. Keep in mind that undergoing SMP treatment does not guarantee a flawless result. It is essential to trust qualified professionals with adequate experience in the industry. Another important aspect is our own individual approach to the procedure, consisting of careful and rational selection of the "hairstyle". Even though SMP has an enormous scope of creativity, it is easy to overdo the Micropigmentation, leading to an unsatisfactory final effect. 

With that being said, let's dive into the nature of SMP and what contributes to the realistic outcome of the procedure.

Hairline Selection

The hairline is one of the most important elements of our new hairstyle. When properly guided, it gives the head the expected symmetry, emphasizes the facial structure, and makes us look and feel younger. The line should, however, smoothly blend with our overall image. Many customers succumb to the fatal temptation to create lines too perfect, giving the impression of being drawn with a ruler. While a straight, flawless hairline may look aesthetically pleasing on a youthful face, it will look simply strange on a middle-aged man. Scalp Micropigmentation is equipped with trained professionals with artistic instincts who will guide you on the path towards a suitable style. 

Pigment Color

The pigment is supposed to imitate natural hair follicles. The degree of its density and shade depends primarily on the color of our natural hair. Lighter hair should be complemented with a lighter shade matching your blonde head. The dark tone should supplement your dark hair. The selection of the right pigment sometimes takes several sessions since it often brightens after each treatment. This is determined by our unique reaction to the pigment, defense of the immune system, and other factors. The biggest sin people often commit during the process is the lack of patience and the desire to get the most visible effect in the shortest possible time.  Applying a too dark pigment can be visually fatal, seemingly artificial, and resembling a painted Easter egg. Not a very pleasant vision, is it?

Shaving your hair

Undergoing the Scalp Micropigmentation procedure means the need to befriend a razor. For the effect of short-cut hair to look aesthetically pleasing and natural, your real hair should always be kept short. Our natural hair follicles, unlike those applied with pigment, are three-dimensional. The peculiar "collage" of natural and pigmented hair will strike you with deceit. Such a combination may only be justified if we still have enough of our own hair on the entire scalp area, and the pigment only serves to thicken the thinning zones. When fully balding, the only option is to entirely shave your head for optimal results.

Scalp Micropigmentation for longer hair. Can it work?

The effects of SMP are commonly associated with the appearance of a freshly shaven head. Indeed, the treatment is recommended specifically for those who keep a bald head. However, this association does not disqualify individuals who want to mask their existing hair's balding or thinning spots. 

Longer hair - not for everyone

Who can benefit from the privilege of wearing longer hair after SMP treatment? Unfortunately, only the chosen ones. It must be remembered that the pigments used are not three-dimensional, and therefore they do not match the regrowth that appears after a few days. Men with alopecia areata, male balding patterns, and receding hairline would probably do better without experimenting with longer hairstyles. The difference between artificial and natural hair will be clearly visible, and we do not care so much about this aesthetic effect.

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