Alopecia Tattoo NYC: Let's Take Care of Your Baldness

Alopecia is an unpleasant condition that causes areas of baldness or hair loss to develop. The condition is also known as alopecia areata. About one in every 1000 individuals will experience signs of alopecia. Both adults and children can be affected by the condition. Men and women are equally affected by alopecia.

The problem is relatively common in the population, including those who live in New York City. This is why many people are starting to gain an interest in obtaining an alopecia tattoo in NYC. Inkredible Scalp is one of the top companies in New York City that offers alopecia tattoos to its clients.

What Is An Alopecia Tattoo?

An alopecia tattoo is dots that are tattooed on the Scalp. It is not a large tattoo like the ones that you may get on your arm or back. Instead, the procedure to provide a customer with an alopecia tattoo in NYC is complex and should be carefully administered by a skilled practitioner.

The tattoo will focus on covering the areas where you experience hair loss. Since alopecia tends to cause patches of hair loss, each patch that you develop will be targeted through the implementation of the alopecia tattoo.

The tattoo will not provide stimulation of hair follicles like with certain hair loss strategies and treatments that are available. Instead, it provides an opportunity for an illusion to be created. The illusion makes the bald patches that alopecia caused seem like there is hair.

While it may sound a little far-fetched, the results of an alopecia tattoo tend to be quite impressive. Many people are unable to recognize the fact that a person has a tattoo once they have undergone an appropriate number of sessions. It seems like there is hair in the affected area. Thinning hair can also be made to appear thicker and fuller when you obtain a scalp tattoo in NYC.

How Does An Alopecia Tattoo Work?

A practitioner who is experienced in providing scalp tattoos should be consulted. In most cases, scalp micropigmentation in New York will be accessed for this type of solution. The scalp micropigmentation service is generally referred to as a scalp tattoo by many people. In cases of alopecia, it may be called an alopecia tattoo instead.

A tattoo device is used in the procedure. Patients should realize this before they go for the procedure. It helps with the preparation. The discomfort level varies per patient but overall, most clients are able to complete the procedure without any numbing agent being applied to the Scalp before the tattoo device is used.

The tattoo device is used for tattooing dots on the Scalp. The dots will represent hair follicles. The experience of the practitioner allows them to add the dots in such a way that it looks like real hair follicles.

How Inkredible Scalp Helps With An Alopecia Tattoo

There are a few studios and medical centers that offer you the opportunity to obtain an alopecia tattoo in NYC. You need to understand that the expertise of these companies differs. Thus, careful consideration should go into the process of choosing the practitioner that will perform your scalp micropigmentation process.

Consider looking at scalp micropigmentation reviews. Specifically, look at reviews related to companies in New York City. This gives you a better idea of which companies are trusted by the local people.


You should make sure you ask relevant questions when you decide to undergo a procedure for an alopecia tattoo in NYC.

Inkredible Scalp is one of the many options that you will find in your search – and one that you should definitely consider. Inkredible Scalp is a professional company that was founded by people who understand just how unpleasant a hair loss experience often turns out to be.


Why Consider Inkredible Scalp?

There are a couple of reasons why people are opting for the services offered at Inkredible Scalp. First of all, an alopecia tattoo in NYC is only one of the services you can get from this company. There are experts at Inkredible Scalp that are able to assist with all concerns related to the Scalp. These professionals are highly experienced in scalp micropigmentation.

As a top provider of scalp micropigmentation in New York, Inkredible Scalp provides a fast, effective, and safe way of creating an illusion of fuller, stronger, and thicker hair.

One reason why Inkredible Scalp stands out is that the practitioners who provide the scalp micropigmentation services all know what it feels like to experience hair loss. These professionals have had their fair share of such experiences in the past.

Another important reason why you should consider Inkredible Scalp is due to the equipment used. Instead of using dated hardware, we use the latest advancements for every single piece of technology used in the process of scalp micropigmentation.

How Much Does An Alopecia Tattoo Cost?

The cost of an alopecia tattoo is not a fixed price that can be provided to you. There are a number of factors that a practitioner needs to take into the equation. Scalp micropigmentation cost depends on the size of the area on your Scalp that needs to be treated. Sessions last long, so we will also need to consider whether a single session would be enough for covering all areas of bald spots that you have developed.

The price that you will need to pay for an alopecia tattoo can range anything from $400 up to $4,000. This is a significant variation in price, which is why it is better to consult with a practitioner to get a better understanding of what you should expect.

What To Expect During The Procedure?

You should know what to expect during the actual procedure of scalp micropigmentation. Discomfort is the most concerning issue for the majority of people who undergo the procedure. You are not very likely to experience pain. It’s been described more of an irritation than pain due to the poking of dots to place the pigment into the scalp.  Up to date, we have never had a client at Inkredible Scalp who was unable to complete the procedure due to pain.